Back Pain – How It Affects Your Life

Back pain can be so debilitating. If you have suffered from back pain at some stage in your life then I know you are nodding in agreement with me. It is not like you can shut off that ‘part’ of your body and get on with your day. When there is back pain, then life revolves around it. What you can do or have the energy for, is determined by the extent and severity of the pain in your back.

Not only does it affect what you do on a daily basis, it also affects how you think and feel. Unresolved back pain can lead to many other issues such as feeling tired all the time, feeling alone and helpless and in extreme cases depression.

A survey in Europe recently revealed that 13% of the Irish population and 27% of Irish households are affected by chronic pain.

Here are some other facts that came to light regarding the effects of Back Pain:

Chronic pain is the most common reason people visit their doctor.
19% of people are diagnosed with depression as a result of chronic pain.
• On average many sufferers have lived with chronic pain for 4.9 years.
A massive 67% reported experiencing chronic pain on a daily basis.

Back Pain – How It Affects Your Life

It is hard to believe that worldwide back pain is such a common complaint. Here is a list of things which back pain sufferers are unable to do:

Inability to exercise. This can lead to weight gain which subsequently aggravates the initial back pain issue.
Driving for long periods can be challenging. Sitting in a confined space can be further aggravated by all the head turning required to check for approaching traffic.
Sleep can also be affected. Even though sitting can be a challenge, long periods lying down can equally be painful. This is quiet frustrating as a person with back pain is constantly changing position and often getting very little relief from their back pain.
Relationships can be tested to their limit. Back pain can be so wearing that the sufferer will tend to be off form and cranky with immediate family. It is usually not intentional but the daily challenge of their back pain can leave them with very low tolerance levels.

When the back pain is long term, many people fear being disbelieved. They sometimes feel that others think “it’s all in their head”. This can then lead to feelings of isolation and low mood. The knock on effect of this is that a person with back pain will tend to withdraw from socializing. Suddenly their world is smaller and can be a very lonely place.

I know that people have tried many different ways of getting rid of their back pain and have failed. Have you considered using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to get rid of your pain?

This is an amazing Technique which can help take the intensity out of your immediate pain. When the pain has subsided, EFT can be used to deal with the underlying emotional issues which were driving the physical pain.

I know you are probably thinking “this is too good to be true.” Well, I thought so too when I was first introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques in 2006. I decided to give it a go anyway. It was the best decision I even made. I had back pain for over 7 years before that. EFT got rid of my back pain and the pain has never come back.

Have you had enough of your Back Pain?

Are you ready to take control of your life again?

Then EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the answer.

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